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Aqua wedding!

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

July 11, 2012

From left, Justin Filyaw and Nikki Beaudoin contemplate while the pastor speaks his part.
People plan weddings for expansive hill sides, villas, churches, beaches and more, but Justin Filyaw and Nikki Beaudoin decided to take their wedding beyond the shore, to the waters of Lake Orion.

Two pontoon boats worth of families and band members later, the two said their vows and became husband and wife and walked down the aisle into the water.

The two are part of the five person "rapternative" band Apex Predetor. Filyaw moved from South Carolina to Michigan where he met Lake Orion native Beaudoin.

The two will honeymoon, and move to, Nashville, Tenn., followed by a trip to Los Angeles, Cal. where their record deal with Sony will be subject to a world