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Marching Martians seek new look

by Ashley St. Aubin

July 11, 2012

The Goodrich High School Band will be showcasing a new look as they march onto the field this fall.

Aaron Orkisz, director of bands at GHS, is looking forward to the addition of new band uniforms for his students.

"The new uniforms will speak better to the members of the ensemble. I believe they will enjoy wearing the uniforms more. It's a huge purchase and I am excited about the design which is much more modern and contemporary," said Orkisz.

Orkisz adds that the new uniforms are much needed.

"The current uniform was nice for the times. Yet it's an older uniform and we have had them for 16 years. The life span of a uniform is typically six to eight years because of wear and tear and dry cleaning, " said Orkisz.

This August the band is headed to camp and is looking forward to another great season.

"We can't wait to get out on the new field, support the community, and represent the district while showing pride through our uniforms."

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The cost per uniform is expected to be around $290 with the band ordering around 100 uniforms to accommodate the size of the ensemble. Yet saving as much money as possible is a big consideration.

"The more bulk you buy the cheaper it will be," said Orkisz. "To replace one of the existing uniforms it would be around $350 and because it is a custom uniform, it is more expensive. We are hoping to offset the cost of the uniforms as to not take needed funds away from the students."

The GHS Band is also required to receive several bids from uniform companies to keep the prices as low as possible, which is a policy of the district.

Yet Orkisz credits the district community members, as well as band parents for being the key to the success of the band and its new uniforms.

"Support from the community is huge. We are trying to develop some type of fundraiser for the new uniforms and give something back to the community for their support," said Orkisz. "Barb Birkner, uniform mom, is in charge of uniforms and has done an outstanding job for eight years keeping them going."