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July 18, 2012

Support for Kittle

Dear Editor,

I have been an Oakhurst resident since 1998. I have seen my share of Homeowner Association presidents come and go, but the one we have now, Pat Kittle, has really made a difference. Since Pat took over in 2009, he has managed to control runaway expenses, balance our budget, build our Capital Reserves for road repairs, keep residents informed about issues in the community, seek advice from residents on key matters before spending decisions are made, and still make time to help our neighbors.

Just the other day, I spotted Pat repairing a mailbox for an elderly neighbor woman in 90+ degree heat. As a real estate professional with 25+ years of business experience, I can tell you firsthand that having a financially sound homeowner's association and township is important for people looking to move into a new community.

Pat's philosophy for running the Oakhurst Association is pretty simple - manage like it's your own money. This philosophy coupled with his business experience, leadership and communication skills makes Pat an ideal candidate for Independence Township supervisor. If you want to have a say in the Independence supervisor election, you must vote on Aug. 7. With only Republican candidates for supervisor on the ballot, the winner of the primary will go unopposed in November. Vote for Pat Kittle.

Donna McDonald, resident and realtor

Independence Township

Wallace has experience

Dear Editor,

Electing Neil Wallace as Independence Township supervisor is the next logical step for him and for our community.

In the 1980's he joined me on the township Planning Commission. After seeing him in action for a year, we commissioners unanimously elected him our chair and re-elected him to the position four more years in a row until he left to pursue other volunteer interests in the community.

As our chair, Neil was a fair and responsible leader who persuaded us to tackle reexamining the entire land use Master Plan.

He led us in balancing the need for a robust tax base to support the schools with a desire to create and maintain a quality residential community.

Then in the 1990's, Neil joined me on the Township Board as a trustee. He was characteristically creative and energetic. Although he chose not to run for re-election in 2000, he remained active in the community and provided me and other board members wise free counsel.

In 2008, Neil was again elected to the Township Board. He walked into the most difficult economic time in our recent history only to find we were void of leadership at the top. Neil stepped into that gap devoting his time and energy well beyond what is expected of a trustee.

Since the beginning of this year, Neil has been chairing the township board meetings, showing everyone the thoughtful, balanced leadership we need. The next step is obvious: we need to elect Neil our Independence Township supervisor.

Dan Travis

Independence Township

Fischbach for Springfield

Dear Editor,

As a small business owner in Springfield Township for 33 years, it's important to me that we have a strong leader in the supervisor's office. I've had the opportunity to get to know Ginny Fischbach and I believe she would make an excellent supervisor for Springfield Township.

Ginny grew up in a farming community where her family is still actively running family farms, so she understands and embraces the rural nature of our community and the importance of protecting our unique natural resources. She also understands the role of local business in the community. With an Engineering degree and an MBA, she has spent her career working as an engineer in private industry where she developed the skills we need in our next supervisor. Ginny is straightforward, logic driven, and an experienced leader of people.

I think it is time for change in Springfield Township. I encourage everyone to vote Aug. 7 and help our community move forward by electing Ginny Fischbach Springfield Township's next supervisor.

Tom Lowrie

Springfield Township

Family insight on Decker

Dear Editor,

My name is Alexandrea Decker and my father Jeffrey Decker is currently running for Independence Township clerk. With my Dad not being in the political spectrum before, I thought it important to write you and give the people of Independence Township insight about him.

The township clerk acts as the historian of a community. Luckily for the community, this is the type of characteristic my father already possesses. He is a history buff who can see the beauty in our local community history and who wishes to restore the type of pride people in the mid-1800s had for their flourishing township.

Back then, land was priceless and people had a good sense of what to do with what land they had. My father's many years of experience doing real-estate and appraisal work in the community gives him that upper-hand that is needed when looking at the opportunities the township has in the land and local businesses.

As a single dad, he is the hardest worker I know and he gives more than he has ever taken. During my years in the Clarkston school district, he never missed a football or basketball game and he still continues to go to them even after I have graduated. He always knew every player and manager by name, giving students the sense of self-worth they needed.

My dad has organizational skills I strive to use in my own life. When given a task, he works overtime to get things done in a professional manner so that nothing is done carelessly. While doing so, he can complete those tasks under deadlines and in stressful situations. Throughout my life I have watched my Dad juggle work, make it to all of my school events, coach teams and volunteer while still having the time for his family.

Jeff Decker would make an excellent clerk. He appreciates what this community has to offer and wants to see it flourish. With his organizational skills and speaking abilities he would get Independence Township back on track.

Alexandrea Decker

Clarkston High School Class of 2009