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Summer will end but tans donít have to
New tanning salon may lack name, but has customer service

by Gabriel L. Ouzounian

July 18, 2012

Owners Rob Carrier and Victor Dedivanai stand next to the "super bed" - their most powerful tanning bed. Photo by G. Ouzounian
Summer tanning may be easy now with the sun shinning down its beams but in one or two short months, going out to the beach will be a memory.

Thanks to the new owners of Coco Tanning, located at 666 S. Lapeer in Lake Orion, sunbathers won't have to go without the bronze despite the low temperatures.

"It's a facelift with new paint, new interior, new floors, new beds and more," said Co-Owner Rob Carrier. "For years we wanted to own a business and there was an interest between (Co-Owner Victor Dedivanai) and I in tanning salons. This place popped up between our two houses in a good neighborhood and the price was right. We really like the people around here too - it was a toss up between Lake Orion and Madison Heights, but the lakes, the bordering areas and the people put it over."

The owners plan on incorporating all new beds with a leveling system and a membership style payment. The beds come in levels one through five, which determine how strong the bed's intensity is - the high the level, the more tan the user. From the levels come the gold, silver and bronze memberships.

"Gold membership allows access to the super bed, is our level five bed, which is 160 watt, 52 bulbed and air conditioned," said Carrier. "Also you get access to the new standup which is our level four bed as well as any other bed we have. The silver membership is for bed level three to one and the bronze is just level one beds. The difference is all in the output of the bulbs and how many there are, which depending on the level will let a user get darker, quicker."

Memberships start at $32.99 and go to $39.99.

According to Carrier and Dedivanai, the previous owners of Coco Tanning drove away many customers with monthly charges, poor maintenance and a hands-off approach on running the company. The new salon will feature what the two owners call an "owner operated business." They also will focus on cleanliness and safety.

"Our goal is customer service which is something that this place did not have before," said Dedivanai. "We're trying to disassociate with the previous owners and let people be comfortable to come back here. A lot of people left because of poor quality, old beds, burnt our lights and we want to let people know were different which is why we'll be changing the name."

As far as safety, consultations are orchestrated with new members to determine skin type, skin conditions and sensitivity. According to Dedivanai, some people have an easier time tanning while others burn easier, so it's important to figure out where a person should start. Different types of lotions and oils are also available - some initially free with a gold membership.

"Lake Orion has a nice feel to it - it's a very welcoming community," said Dedivanai. "New clients can come in a have a free tan with no membership required and no obligations. So far the people who have come in here have been awesome."

The salon was officially open on July 13 though a new name is still in the works as of this article's publication. They can be reached at 248-693-9655.