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Election letters continue

July 25, 2012

Wallace and Lohmeier

Dear Editor,

I urge the voters of Independence Township to vote for Neil Wallace for supervisor (R) and David Lohmeier, trustee (R).

Neil and David have guided the township through a very challenging year. Their strong leadership helped create a responsible budget as well as adopting a three year budget program.

Voters who follow Township Board meetings on CPAC (Clarkston Public Access Center) channel 10 are aware of the public service offered by Mr. Wallace and Mr. Lohmeier. CPAC offers the transparency necessary for a knowledgeable electorate.

Paul Bennett

Independence Township

Kudos for Carson

Dear Editor,

I am writing as a past Independence Township treasurer (1978/84) in support of our current treasurer Curt Carson.

In 2008 a previous township board made a very controversial purchase of a new township hall. Whether you agreed with that decision or not the deed was done. The process of financing the new township hall was complicated, convoluted and controversial. It caused the township's "internal service fund" to be in deficit, not because of cash flow but because of simple accounting rules which involve depreciation. It caught the eye of the state treasurer who emphatically stated things had to be rectified.

Curt assembled a team which included State Senator Jim Marleau, and met with State Treasurer Andy Dillon. A solution was agreed upon.

Instead of going to the New York bond market and selling bonds, the township could keep the debt financed locally. Instead of paying out over $75,000 in bond counsel fees and closing costs and losing over one million dollars in interest to out of state bond purchasers the debt is staying right here at home to the benefit of the township's water and sewer funds.

When Curt was elected he inherited this issue but to his credit he worked proactively, formed a team, confronted the issue, took it to the top and resolved it.

I have known Curt since 1988 and appreciate his involvement in the community and his good service to the citizens of Independence Township.

His past business experience has great value to all of us who pay taxes. His interest lies in what is best for our community and not in what is politically expedient. I intend to vote for Curt's re-election and hope you will join me.

Fred Ritter

Independence Township

Fortuna for supervisor

Dear Editor,

Terry Fortuna is the leadership we can trust. Terry has been involved in serving his country and being a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem.

Carlos Garcia

Orion Township

Lohmeier her choice

Dear Editor,

Independence Township needs to keep experienced Dave Lohmeier as a trustee.

He has been a key in getting the budget under control through constant review and evaluation of the various departmental accounts, essential in the selection of our Clerk, Barb Palotta (an excellent choice) and the hiring of Bart Clark to fill in for our absent supervisor.

Dave has been the voice of moderation in a some-times contentious board. He always comes to the meetings well prepared and soundly grounded in the facts of each agenda item. He will also be a great asset in getting a new Board effective and off the ground.

As the sole hold-over trustee he can use his experience and knowledge to help the new group get a solid start for the future.

In addition, we should mention that Dave seldom misses board meetings and always seems to get to core issues in their discussions.

We really need to keep this dedicated person for our township.

Barb Reed

Independence Township