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GHS athletic secretary retires

by Ashley St. Aubin

July 25, 2012

Goodrich The high school will be missing a key player as the sports season begins this fall.

Linda May, Goodrich Athletic Department Secretary and one of Goodrich's biggest fans, has retired after 15 years of service to the job.

"I absolutely loved that job, every aspect of it," said May. "I enjoyed the sports, working with the coaches, going to the games, and selling tickets. It is hard to pick out just one thing that I enjoyed because it became my life. I just plain loved that job."

After retiring from the City of Flint after 28 and 1/2 years, May returned to the community after her son Lance started attending Goodrich schools. After working at the middle school for a few years, May started to volunteer for longtime athletic director, Al Martus. When the AD secretary position became available, she applied for the job and got the position.

"I loved sports so much and being around the kids so I kind of just fell into the job," explains May.

With 15 years under her belt, May has experienced the growth and changes of high school and the community as a whole.

"I have seen changes, but can't say they are all good," said May. "There are more people that are upset with coaches, so I see that. I don't believe that's a good thing. Goodrich is becoming more diverse and bigger; it is no longer the small community that it once was when I started."

However, what really stands out in her mind in the years that she worked in the district is her family being by her side through it all.

"In 2001, my youngest son was graduating and my older son Matthew parachuted into the stadium and presented the game ball. Lane also became homecoming king that night. All three of my kids were there," explains May, describing her most memorable moment.

"My grandkids are going to Goodrich as well, and that means alot to me," adds May. "Having all my kids and family there while also having more family attending Goodrich is important. It is kind of like a tradition for me."

Although May still plans to attend Goodrich sporting events, she will miss her job and school.

"I will miss knowing what is going on day-to-day," explains May. "I won't get to see the friends I have made on a day-to-day basis. I will miss the sports big time. I will also miss being in charge and having responsibility during the games."

Dave St. Aubin, Goodrich High School principal, who has worked with May for more than eight years, said he is extremely saddened to see her leave.

"Linda May will be deeply missed," said St. Aubin. "She is truly the heart of the athletic program. I cannot express our appreciation for all the hard work she has done over her career. I hope that Linda will always look back at her time here and feel proud of what she has done. I know I am proud of her and proud to say I have worked with her. She is and will always be special to us here at Goodrich."

While May's retirement is bittersweet, she is looking forward to enjoying life beyond the halls of the school in her retirement. She is planning to travel and spend more time with her kids and their families.

"I would have loved to work another year, but I know this is what I am supposed to be doing right now."