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Big bucks in Independence supervisor campaigns

by Mary Keck

August 01, 2012

When it is all tallied, Independence Township supervisor-hopefuls will likely spend over $50,000 on their campaigns. Every candidate revealed his or her contributors to Oakland County on July 27 in their Pre-Election statements.

Pat Kittle has raised the most campaign funds so far reporting a total of $13,875. Neil Wallace's contributions reached $11,635 while Terry Fortuna reported gathering $11,505 from his supporters. Todd Waring raised $9,950, a far cry from the $20,000 he said he would exceed during the Chamber of Commerce's Candidates Forum on July 25.

Waring said he still plans to meet the $20,000 goal and believes he'll collect the rest before August 7. In addition to their pre-election reports, all candidates must complete a post-election Campaign Finance Report.

With the exception of Treasurer-hopeful Paul Brown, who has garnered $12,980 for his campaign so far, no other candidates reported raising over $10,000. You can see every candidates' financial report, which includes a list of their contributors on

Besides sharing their list of donors, Independence supervisor candidates fielded questions on some areas of past contention during the Candidates Forum. For instance, each was asked if they would continue to have a superintendent if elected, and all of them said they would take the position of supervisor without a superintendent.

The candidates were also asked about moderation of the board meetings, which have been known to become heated and end after midnight. Wallace, who has chaired many of the meetings, defended the way he has presided over the board. "We have a lot of work to do," Wallace said and added the tone of meetings has improved with "the absence of folks who have been disruptive."

Waring criticized the meetings' organization saying by 11 p.m. there is "no decision-making." Fortuna emphasized "setting up board meetings for success," and said the moderation of meetings was "indicative of the leadership."

Kittle's perspective was less critical. He pointed out, "it's a tough business," but he believes better communication and "setting a realistic agenda" are ways moderation of meetings could improve.

Almost every candidate for Independence and Springfield Townships squared off during the Chamber of Commerce's Candidates Forum. From trustee to supervisor-hopefuls each politician had a chance to introduce themselves to the public and vie for votes.

Independence TV will air the forum as well as a "Meet the Candidates" special on Comcast channel 10. To find out more about who is running go to or