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Letter to the Editor
Support for Wallace

August 01, 2012

Dear Editor,

I support Neil Wallace for Independence Township Supervisor. He has the experience and leadership ability to do an outstanding job.

Neil has served on the Township Board for eight years, without missing a meeting, served on the Planning Commission for six years (chairman for five), and served the Township in many other volunteer capacities. Conversely, none of Neil's opponents have any experience whatsoever with Township Government.

Some have questioned Neil's ability to work with the Board members to reach consensus and suggest that Neil was somehow at fault for the contentious Township Board meetings of the past. The facts demonstrate quite the opposite. Neil has consistently demonstrated an ability to work with Board members to reach consensus. Examples of Neil's leadership include: 1) a unanimous vote to defeat the supervisor's proposal for raises for township elected officers; 2) consensus for a new budget process that reviews each department monthly and projects three years into the future; 3) consensus for the appointment of an Operations Review Task Force made up of citizens who reviewed all Township operations and made recommendations for more efficient procedures; 4) a unanimous vote to give township-based businesses a leg up in bidding to provide township services and goods; 5) altering the retiree health care for the full-time elected officials so that the qualification requires 16 years of service rather than 8 years of service, with the only negative votes being the Board members who would be adversely affected and; 6) a unanimous vote on a proposal to put special Board meetings on cable.

When the current supervisor suggested cutting the Sheriff's staffing for the Township by 20%, Neil did an analysis of the available monies and the scheduling of officers to show that we could readily make a reduction of just 10%. The resulting vote was unanimous. There are many other examples of Neil's leadership and ability to work with his fellow Board members in a constructive fashion for the good of the Township.

Since Neil began chairing meetings this year in the multi-month absence of the current Supervisor, the meetings have run in an efficient, professional manner, without the bickering and arguing of the past.

Independence Township needs a supervisor with the experience and ability to get things done. Because Neil is the only candidate that fits that bill, I encourage Independence residents to vote for Neil Wallace on August 7.

Henry Woloson

Independence Township