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by Trevor Keiser

August 15, 2012

Boy-oh-boy, the lovely wife Noell and I found out a week ago we are having a baby boy and I couldn't be more excited.

As the day approached for us to go get the "find out the sex ultra-sound" I was nervous for several reasons. One, I really wanted a boy first. Two, I am am the only male in my family who carries the last name Keiser so I wanted to be sure the name would carry on.

Though I will admit I think little girls are cute and adorable the thought of raising one still scares me. Not so much when they're young, but when they're teenagers on up until the point they get married.

Maybe it also had something to do with the fact that I was a little brother with an older sister. As much as I love my older sister and wouldn't trade her for the world, there were times I wanted to be the older one. Perhaps I could have "saved the day" a few times or said something to the guy who was checking her out in a not so nice manner.

However, I will admit watching my big sis beat up guys on the playground who were ready to bodyslam little bro was pretty cool to watch.

So, now that I know what we're having I feel at peace and I can call him by his name Konner (with a K) Isaiah Keiser (yes he's a real "KIK."). I like to talk to him through the belly button, while making my wife laugh because I'm being goofy.

As happy as I am to be having a son, at the end of the day I would have been just as happy with a "Daddy's Girl."

Thank you readers for letting me share this excitment with you I will keep you posted on how "Little KIK" is doing.