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Catapult into science learning

by Mary Keck

August 22, 2012

Jilliana Lehman, 6, sets up a card target with the help of Maureen Breisch.
Isabel Matthews, 8, makes a catapult.
A.J. Stuberg, 12, sets up a target for science.
Ethan Ledbetter, 8, aims his catapult.
Summer McDermaid, 10, and Landen Day, 9, work on their design.
"Fire in the hole!" Eight-year-old Ethan Ledbetter yelled before launching a wad of paper from the catapult he built at the Springfield Parks and Recreation Science Camp.

Mad Scientist Bryan Baker led the Science Extravaganza, Aug. 13-17. Students designed and built catapults to learn about different types of levers while having fun.

Six-year-old Jilliana Lehman said, "I like my catapult because it can shoot things up in the air!"

After assembling their catapults, the campers built houses of cards just so they could knock them down with wads of paper.

"This is a great group," said Baker. "We've had very bright and engaging campers this week," he said. For more information, check