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Letter to the Editor
Parent frustrated with parking behind school

August 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am a teacher at Pine Knob Elementary and a resident of Hidden Lakes Apartments, both located on Sashabaw Road.  More importantly, I am a parent to three young elementary students.  I work diligently every day to give my children strong morals, beliefs and ethics so that may grow up to be law-abiding citizens of society.  My complaint is as a parent and as a resident of an apartment complex.  

For the record-I never let my children just roam the complex.  When they are outside, I am outside with them.  I do this to keep them safe because it is my responsibility.  I have watched people drive over the complex speed limit as they pass by.  I have seen people talking on their cell phones while driving in the complex, so I know some people do not pay attention to my children. And that's fine, because my children are my responsibility.

However, on numerous occasions recently, I have watched non-residents come park in our complex and then walk through the gate over to the sports fields behind PKE. Having addressed my concerns already with the apartment managers, I still believe my concern needs to be shared with more members of the Clarkston area community. I suspect some people in the community will get defensive about this concern and frankly, I don't care. There are reasons for rules and laws and no one is exempt from them just because of convenience.  I never let my children just roam the complex. When they are outside, I am outside with them.  

I understand how the parking areas near PKE can be congested when there are special activities, because I work there! And I understand how frustrating it can be to park some distance away from where one wants to be-because I work there! However, Hidden Lakes Apartments is private property.  Unless one is a resident in our complex (or visiting a resident), there is absolutely no reason to park in our complex.

I live near the main entrance of Hidden Lakes and my apartment backs up to the fenced in area at PKE. There is a gate that the school keeps unlocked during non-traditional school hours to allow people to use the sports fields and/or playground area. It is definitely a convenience for Hidden Lakes residents who are parents of children who attend PKE! 

Parents, please set an example for your children. If you need to get behind PKE for Chiefs Football, Cheerleading or whatever activity that may be taking place, be a responsible citizen and park where you are supposed to.  If you are one parking in Hidden Lakes complex because of convenience, please stop!  I'm not the only parent of young children here.  The extra traffic in our complex is not needed.  More importantly, do the right thing.  Make the right choice and help keep our children safe.

Linda VandeVoort

Independence Township