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Schools ready for new year

August 29, 2012

The members of the Clarkston Community Schools' family are anxious for a new school year.

You'll soon see a new fleet of buses on the road, attend back-to-school functions, and gather for fall sporting events. It's a very exciting time of year.

I'm very happy to report that our students continue to perform at the highest levels on state achievement tests.

Clarkston High School students score above the state and Oakland County averages on the ACT and MME tests, with improvements from year to year. Our 2012 graduates earned top scholarships to colleges and universities all across the United States.

This demonstrates the district and community's commitment to excellence for all students, and provides evidence of the outstanding education our students receive from preschool through graduation.

In 2012, CCS will again focus on excellence for all students. Through our delayed starts/teacher professional learning communities, early interventions and multiple assessments, extra attention to students in all areas of need, and enhanced learning as a way of doing business, Clarkston seeks and achieves excellence.

Beyond excellence on achievement tests, CCS prepares all students for citizenship, service, leadership, and problem solving/creative thinking/innovation. Recent studies show that those who have attained a Bachelor's Degree or some level of college fared much better through the world's downward economic trends. Studies also demonstrate that students who can think, solve problems, create, make connections across content areas, and who believe in themselves do very well in college. Given these findings, it is more important than ever to ensure that each of our children possesses critical thinking skills—and that's what CCS is all about.

In November, CCS will become the first public school district in the world to host a Harvard Graduate School of Education conference. Featured speakers include Howard Gardner, David Perkins, and Ron Ritchhart. Local, national, and international educators will also lead sessions.

We anticipate that nearly 1,000 participants from around the world will attend this three day conference. A parent strand is included, and we hope that many of our parents and community members will attend. Please find more information on the district's website.

As an educator and father, it is incredibly meaningful to watch kids grow up—from their first days of Kindergarten to high school graduation. Their maturation and achievement are truly community efforts. This is why Clarkston is so special—because we work together to make sure that every child is connected to learning and possesses the tools and skills to achieve his or her dreams.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Rod Rock, Ed.D., is superintendent of Clarkston Community Schools