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Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon
Ready for next round

by Wendi Reardon

September 05, 2012

Changing eating habits can help you painfully realize things you already knew.

I know I lean towards caffeine to ease stress and it hit me once I got the bill on the latest maintenance repairs for my Vue (mind you this was a week after I sent the last payment in for my vehicle. She is now mine).

When I got the bill and closed my eyes as I made the painful payment, I wanted coffee. Not just coffee, the bad coffee. Sugar? Cream? No worse than those two. I wanted a Mocha Frappuccino, not a small size. The venti - the large, 20 ounces of caffeine, chocolate, sugar and ice mixed in perfect unison.

But I couldn't. The plan I am on, there is no being bad. I know the consequence and all the hard work goes out the window.

What I did do was start the countdown. See, I'm on what I call round one of the plan I am following through Nuview Nutrition. Round one ends on Friday. Round two begins on Monday (yes, I am going for a second round).

Between the rounds, I can be bad. Not only am I allowed to be bad, I am encouraged to be bad.

During the last few months I have missed certain things and I have found ways around it. The biggest way is through smell ("Wendi's Word: The nose knows" from our July 11 edition.)

It's funny some smells are heavenly like buttery popcorn when I was on the sidelines at the Clarkston High School stadium during Friday's football game. Yet, I don't eat popcorn. I might crave it but I worked at movie theater when I was a teenager. I have had my fill of popcorn.

But ignoring the lack of chocolate, pizza, frappuchinos, bread, pasta, pop and other things - I can reflect on a good couple of months. My energy and motivation is higher as I am a little bit lighter in weight.

And as I sit here typing out the last few words I am not as anxious to be bad this weekend. Sure, an ice cream sounds great but the wish list for eating will probably remain a wish list.

I feel as if I am not going to get crazy as I thought. I mean, I might still go to the high school cafeteria for a slice of pizza after Friday's football game - I do need to boost before round two.

But...who knows...