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Letter to the editor
Support for union initiative in November

September 05, 2012

Dear Editor,

This Labor Day holiday, please remember to give thanks to the labor unions and American workers who fought to create better working conditions for everyone.

Labor unions were critical in the fights to end child labor, establish the eight hour work day, create a minimum wage, workplace health and safety, health insurance, sick leave, vacation pay, unemployment insurance, and even civil rights legislation.

Labor unions are under attack in Michigan and across the country, fueled by rich special interests like the Koch brothers and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, that spend millions of dollars on anti-worker lobbying.

This is not about union workers making too much money -- American corporations are making record high profits!

This is about corporate power over workers.

Please help fight back by voting for, and encouraging other people to vote for, the "Protect Our Jobs" initiative in the November election which will make collective bargaining a constitutionally protected right in Michigan. Help empower workers!

Claire Cooper

Independence Township