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Sashabaw funds sought

by Mary Keck

September 12, 2012

Independence Township hopes to get $1.551 million to fund road improvements on Sashabaw.

In August, the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) offered up to $2.9 million in tri-party funding to any Oakland County communities who apply for projects that will improve road conditions and safety.

If Independence can get a $1.551 million chunk of the pie, they'll be able to fund the entire Sashabaw widening project, which is estimated to cost $2.673 million.

One third of the funding ($517,000) for the Tri-party program will come from the RCOC, another third will be covered by the County Board of Commissioners, and the last third will be paid by the township.

On Sept. 4, the board voted unanimously to budget $517,000 to match the funding offered by the RCOC and Board of Commissioners if their application is accepted.

The township already has $1.122 million from earlier tri-party funds to contribute to the Sashabaw widening project, which would expand Sashabaw North of I-75 to five lanes.

The project would also mean installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Sashabaw and Flemings Lake Road. Although the $517,000 is budgeted, Independence Township is seeking contributions to help bear the expense. According to Superintendent Bart Clark, the township may approach DTE, businesses on Flemings Lake who would benefit from the traffic light, and the CIA to share the cost.

While Clark feels the township has "a good project" in their Tri-Party application, the RCOC and County Board of Commissioners may not approve it at all or they may only offer part of the $1.551 million in requested funds.

The application was due on Sept. 5, and Clark is hoping to hear a response from the RCOC by the end of the week.