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Letter to the editor
Welcome back to school

September 12, 2012

Dear Lake Orion,

Well, here we are again. September is here, and that means for the youth of the area that school is also upon us. Pencils and books, calculators and rulers, teachers and buses.

For the seniors among us, it means college applications, plans for the future, one last chance at everything in high school. It means your last round of classes, your last batch of high school grades, and your last chance to be considered a teenager before you are considered an adult.

For those who are entering kindergarten, the world is fresh and young. Getting to try new things, meet other kids, learn things they never knew about before. Middle school students are provided chances to do things that they could not take advantage of in elementary school. Incoming freshmen are afforded opportunities to ogle at the behemoth that is Lake Orion High School. For all parties, school can be both enticing and a bit frightening. As a senior, the new school year can be frightening for me too.

Then, I start thinking of the good things that are waiting. This year is my last chance to go to homecoming with a few good friends, my last chance to contemplate prom, my last year of spectacular AP English assignments, my last year of watching the sculpture garden flourish. By this time next year, I will be away at college. I will have said my goodbyes to my tae kwon do friends, to Goldie, the lovely little horse I've watched mature for the past five years, and to my classmates, at least for a little while.

Not all of the youth of Lake Orion are seniors, and they have at least as many changes waiting in the new year as I do, whether it is preparing to go away to college or packing supplies for the first day of kindergarten.

Change is coming, as the saying goes. Senior year is a year of endings and a year of beginnings, some happy and some somber. So, seniors, and everyone else who is bracing themselves to go back to school, make the most of the year. Go to the football game you never went to before. Dress up for the sake of saying you did. Speak up about something you are passionate about in class for the sole purpose of your own satisfaction. Set out to make a difference in the community in little ways, or big ways if you have the force of will.

In the end, you never really know what the next year will hold. So take advantage of this one and make it unbelievable. Whether you're a senior, a freshman, a seventh grader or about to start elementary school, change is coming, so take it by the horns and own it.

Olivia Shumaker

Review Staff Writer