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Letter To The Editor . . .
CON perspectives

September 19, 2012

Dear Editor,

With all due respect, I have one question for Dr. James O'Neill ("O'Neill favors dismantling CON process for hospital," Sept. 12). It is my understanding that you will personally benefit from the addition of a McLaren Hospital here in Independence?

The regional hospital bed Certificate of Need is a process in place for a very well defined reason. I've lived in other cities where individuals have pushed for a new hospital to be developed against the will of the CON determination, only to see it shut its doors rather quickly in complete and utter failure. This takes a toll on many levels as you might imagine.

We have a fabulous emergency center at the POH facility at Water Tower Plaza. The staff there is highly knowledgeable and professional, the wait is minimal, they have all the necessary facilities. And they will treat your regardless of your insurance status.

Your McLaren facility on Sashabaw, on the other hand, turned me personally away, when I had an acute injury, a possible detachment of my hamstring. I literally could not walk and I was turned away because at the time I did not have insurance. Not only was I in excruciating pain, I was, shall we be polite, ticked, ever so slightly.

Considering the traffic congestion already present on Sashabaw and Waldon, the issues that would result from sharing an entry/egress onto I-75 from Sashabaw with DTE, the impact the hospital you want on our infrastructure, water, sewer, stormwater, the increase in biological, radiological and other wastes streams within our community, and the fact that we need other jobs than simply medical remember, there is a dramatic nursing shortage.

Maybe your opinion is at least as biased as mine, and maybe, we should let the board that considers need determine who gets the certificate.

I don't consider it an intrusion into my privacy. But I do consider the fact that I would have to listen to all the extra sirens on an otherwise clear and present night an intrusion. Perspectives are such interesting things, aren't they?

Tammie Heazlit

Independence Township