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Letter To The Editor . . .
Mitchell for trustee

September 19, 2012

Dear Editor,

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Mitchell one year ago, and l believe he would be a valuable asset to the Independence Township Board of Trustees. I am extremely impressed with his thoughtfulness and dedication to our community and its governance. Jeremy regularly attends all the Township Board meetings, and is an active member of the Clarkston Historical Society and the Clinton River watershed council.

Jeremy will work to boost our local economy through historical tourism, improve our lakes and groundwater by helping to develop rain gardens though out our township, and establish an internship program to prepare future leaders in our community. His website,, contains additional details regarding his plans to make Independence Township an even better place to live!

I hope you will join me on Nov. 6 in voting for Jeremy for Independence Trustee!

Shelley L. Hirth

Independence Township