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Wild Ideas A column by Mary Keck (and hubby Lance Farrell)
He said, she said

October 10, 2012

Most of the time, my husband, a reporter for The Lake Orion Review, and I can cheer for the same team. During basketball season, we're both rooting for the Hoosiers.

But now that we're writing for local communities, things have changed. Just take our recent football conversation as an example.

She said: If there's any team ready for another OAA Red Championship, it's Clarkston. Our athletes are top notch, like Junior Ian Erikson, who runs like he has four feet. Erikson has had 157 carries for a total of 1,282 rushing yards. Against Troy, he raced for an 81-yard and a 93-yard touchdown! Seniors like Chris Calvano have the strength to tackle any Dragon and with Senior Nathan Yeloushan on offense, the Wolves are certain to bring their A-game.

He said: Oh yeah?! Dragon doubters better beware because athletic dominance is how we roll in Orion Township. We're undefeated this year and have outscored our opponents by at least 35 points in each of the last six games. If the 2010 state championship and the 2008 state runner-up trophies are any indication, Clarkston's wild pups of the west-side better watch out!

She said: Pups, huh? At least Wolves are real. Imaginary Dragon flames don't burn. After shutting out Troy last week, the CHS Wolves, without a doubt, are primed to chase the Dragons out of their cave.

He said: After vanquishing valiant foe Pontiac last week 49-13, the Lake Orion Dragons are poised to burn any wolf that comes too close to our lair.

She said: I'm feeling inspired by the editorial staff at The Clarkston News. We're so confident the Wolves will dominate when they meet Orion on their turf on Friday that we've challenged The Lake Orion Review editorial staff to a car washing wager.

After the Wolves win and my car is squeaky clean, I'll be ready to see a movie. So, Lance, once your mythical lizards are defeated, I get to pick the next movie, and it's not going to be some boring foreign film. What do you say?

He said: When the Dragons defeat the dogs, er, Wolves, you'll have to agree to no more chick flicks for a month!