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October 24, 2012

Dear Editor,

Please vote for Jose Aliaga for trustee on Nov.

Jose's healthcare background gives him insight into the value of hospital services to our community. His business experience gives him an understanding of our need for an efficient and responsive local government.


James A. O'Neill, MD

Dear Editor,

As a past co-owner of Terry Machine Company, I had the privilege of working closely with Ron Ritchie for over 30 years. I found Ron to be a strong leader, a man with integrity, and a hard worker. I give my support to Ron for township trustee because these are attributes this township needs.

Please also consider a "yes" vote for our district library.


Charlie Hadden

Dear Editor,

I ran for Clarkston School Board two years ago because I felt the majority of the board at that time had their own agenda and I wanted to change the course. It's now two years later and nothing has changed. Granted, that is my personal view, but nonetheless it's one that has gotten stronger.

There are three candidates that are running in this election that I believe can make a difference and bring that agenda back to the parents and students of this community as I had hoped. An agenda focused on input and concerns from the community rather than pushing out dictates to the community.

Those three candidates are Joan Patterson, Sue Boatman and Betty Reilly. Please support them on November 6th with your vote.

Thank you,

John Schrei

We are writing to voice our opinion on why Kelli Horst should be elected to our Clarkston School Board. We have known Kelli for several years. She has always been a passionate advocate for students and public education. Her professional background working with several colleges and universities nationwide tells us that she knows what graduates can expect when they take their next step after Clarkston schools. We have personally seen her handle tough situations as a parent leader with grace and respect, always working toward a solution that is in everyone's best interest. Kelli will bring a sense of appreciation for the democratic process to our school board. We trust her to represent our values and wishes for public education in Clarkston. We strongly encourage you to vote for Kelli Horst on Nov. 6.


Tom and Cindy Vella

Independence Township

Dear Editor,

Hello friends, neighbors, and those who I have yet to meet. My name is Spencer Forbes Bunting. I am a recent graduate of the Clarkston High School International Baccalaureate Program and I am currently writing you from my home in Seoul, Korea. As you are well aware, our community is holding the general election, as well as our local election, on November 6th. My reason for writing from abroad is out of love for my hometown of Clarkston. Personally, I am very concerned with the well being of Independence Township, and have volunteered my time to organizations such as the Salvation Army, Christmas-In-Action, The Clarkston Foundation, The Clarkston Historical Society and several others.

I believe that our leaders should strive to serve our community to the fullest extent, both in office and through volunteer service. Due to my convictions, I have found myself in support of Jose Aliaga, a candidate for Independence Township board trustee. I met Jose several months ago in Caribou Coffee, and can vouch personally for his integrity, outstanding moral character, and leadership ability. Jose is a University of Michigan Graduate, member of the Clarkston Optimist Club, and long time volunteer at both McLaren Emergency Center as well as the Independence Township Senior Center. It's no wonder that noteworthy individuals of our community such as Doctor O'Neil have also endorsed Jose.

I have worked with Mr. Aliaga as his political representative for four months, up until the very night I left for Korea. In that time, I was privileged to get to know Jose Aliaga as a fellow community member, as a mentor, and as a dear friend. I have accompanied Jose on numerous door-to-door outings, during which he has demonstrated his genuine desire to listen to the interests of his fellow citizens. It was a pleasure to put names to houses across our community and an honor to have worked with a man so dedicated to addressing the concerns of the people.

Mr. Aliaga also recognizes the importance of goodwill toward men on an international scale and is the president of the Aliaga Foundation, a charitable institution that works to improve the lives of underprivileged children in Peru. I have great respect for Mr. Aliaga's commitment to civil service, and am certain that he would serve as Trustee of Independence Township with dignity, diligence, and honor. I hope you share the same belief, and I urge you to vote for Jose Aliaga on Nov, 6.

Spencer Forbes Bunting

Seoul, Korea

Dear Editor,

Many people have asked why I am supporting Jose Aliaga for Trustee in Independence Township.

First, Jose is passionate about conservative ideals. It is encouraging to see Jose and other Hispanics rise in the ranks of the Republican Party. Conservative ideals such as faith, family and freedom are ingrained in the latin culture, which is why in the future I hope to see allot more Hispanics join our party.

Second, he is focused on job growth. Up and down the board in this election jobs and the economy are at the forefront, from trustee all the way up to my Uncle Mitt's race for president. National unemployment stands near 8%. In Michigan it is around 9%. We cannot continue to allow this to become the new norm or we will become the Greece of the next decade.

Third, I am supporting him because he asked! For those that know Jose personally you know that this is a defining characteristic of Jose. He is not afraid to ask tough questions. He is not afraid of a bold vision. And he has enthusiasm and passion for everything he does. So I would like to solicit support for Jose and the other Republican candidates for Trustee in Independence Township. Let's return to prosperity.

George George

Dear Editor,

While campaigning for Trustee this year, people have asked, why they should vote for me, Jose Aliaga, and what do I believe in, that would help our community?

Improving our tax base without raising taxes should be the most important agenda for our Township and I do support McLaren Hospital. There are more reasons to have McLaren build here more than improving the tax base. The hospital will help raise property values and attract people to buy many of the homes I saw lying empty, while I was knocking on 2000 doors this summer. Those who move into our community will help drive the local economy by purchasing goods and services here.

There are many Baby-Boomers in Independence Township, who are aging and will need care services and as seniors find it more difficult to commute for basic health services than Pontiac, Rochester or Grand Blanc. In cases of emergency, such as a stroke or heart attack, where timing is essential to saving lives, a 911 call, could complicate an emergency in particular, during the winter and during bad weather.

I totally support Independence Township's Master Plan. Currently, the area where the hospital would like to build is approved for 20 different businesses. With McLaren building on this land we would have one hospital, keeping a balance between commercial and residential areas supported by the Master Plan which I respect.

Clarkston High School, graduates 600 plus students each year and there are not enough jobs within our area to support them as they enter the work force or try to earn money to go to college. Our future as a Township, are the students who graduate and become part of the community and contribute to the growth of Independence Township. As Township Trustee I see a vision for our youth to stay in the area if we have a future for them by planning now.

As a Republican, I believe in lower taxes and small government. I strongly support our Fire and Police Department. I believe that it is important that we keep a Balance Budget, without cutting any fire and police staff. I will support the office staff and department heads of our Township when requesting training and education. I will work with Land conservative group to keep a balance in our Township. I will support the administration (Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and Trustees) to bring ideas to them for agenda and discussion. Be prepared for each meeting, study the agenda and ask questions before meeting if necessary.

I have lived in Independence Township for 12 years, while going to Oakland Community College and graduating the University of Michigan, my church is Mt. Zion. I belong to several services clubs, like The Optimist Club and Clarkston Chamber of Commerce. I believe, I have the good of our community in my heart and I will work for the future of Independence Township with my ability to serve the people in my knowledge and vision.

I believe in Independence Township and the community where I have made so many friends who support me like Dr. James O'Neill, and so many within the area that endorsed me for Trustee. Such as, Sen. Mike Kowall, Rep. Eileen Kowall, Rep. Mike Bishop, US Congressman Tim Walberg, Oakland County Commissioner Tom Middleton and others. Thank you and God bless you all for your friendship, trust and support.

Jose Aliaga

Independence Township

Dear Editor,

Is the American electorate being programmed with misinformation? Do you hate your political opposition? Where did that passion come from?

Please don't believe the false advertising and expensive political infomercials that billionaires with a vested interest flood the airwaves with.

And please do not be swayed by candidates who repeat lies, change their positions daily, and reference questionable conservative blogs as their sources ("facts").

I believe Mitt Romney lacks integrity and does not have a clear vision for America. We don't actually know what Mr. Romney stands for because he has no continuity and no consistent platform. He simply repeats memorized empty sound bites.

I fear that potential voters who believe that Mr. Romney will work for their best interests are living in an optimistic fantasy land, especially considering how he and his fellow vulture capitalists have taken advantage of the American people to line their own pockets. Why would he change?

In contrast, President Obama works for ALL Americans with integrity, intelligence, and compassion. He is a moderate who focuses on the American economy and the needs of America's diverse population. We know who he is. We know he successfully overcame massive obstacles over the past 4 years and pulled America out of a potential depression. He's well respected in the international community. And he fights for us, the people!

Claire Cooper