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Freshman volleyball wins Goodrich tournament

by Dan Shriner

October 31, 2012

GOODRICH Oxford's freshman volleyball coach Trevor Marshall was pleasantly surprised by his team during their final tournament of the season recently.

The girls won the Goodrich Invitational Freshman Tournament by going 12-2 and toppling some very good teams in the process.

Marshall said he had confidence in the girls but was pleased at their intensity by knocking off Grand Blanc, Milford, and several other top teams to win the title.

Members of the team are: Raymie Shufflin, Alexa Igram, Hailey Hartwick, Bailey Krukowski, Ciara Cifani, Micaela Rice, Avalon McKinney, Katelin Cramer, Lisa Savich, Caitlin Wright, Kristen Evans and Amanda Schlicht.