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Crunchy construction

by Mary Keck

November 21, 2012

Theo Boucke, 7, admires his handywork.
Nataleigh Gell gets help from her father, Bryan Gell, to put the finishing touches on her gingerbread house.
Umakorn ‘Odet’ Jumtacug, 6, and Olivia Simofi’Ilyes, 9, have a taste.
Nine-year-old Josh Rich works beside his sister Holly, 8, while constructing his house.
Kids in Springfield Township found out gumdrops, cinnamon dots, and lots of icing make for the perfect building materials for a gingerbread house.

The Springfield Township Library invited youngsters to create the sugary shacks this past Saturday, Nov. 17, and the creativity couldn't have been tastier!

Armed with pretzel sticks and peppermints, children built tiny homes complete with smoke stacks, windows, and doors. Any spare tools and construction materials got eaten.