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Fear no Little Monsters

December 05, 2012

Looking for a unique, local, and inexpensive gift? Little Monsters has items like you've never imagined, and with prices ranging from a low 25 cents to $200, Little Monsters will satisfy every budget.

They also offer free giftwrapping with every purchase, so why not let them help you fill out your Christmas shopping list?

Want to do more than shop? Little Monsters also offers exhibits by local artists like the current installation called Mommy and Me, a collaboraton between 5-year old Reese and mother Micki Cecil. You'll also find painting and craft classes, readings, birthday parties, scavenger hunts, and so much more.

For more information about how Little Monsters can tyake the fear out of Christmas shopping, contact owners Chris McKenna or Leila Freijy at 248-814-TOYS (8697)