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Township treasurer says out with the old

by Mary Keck

December 12, 2012

Treasurer Paul Brown with some extra assets he’s collected. He says there’s more to be found. Photo by M.Keck
From a commercial refrigerator and grill to a pickup truck and computers, Independence Township has identified items that aren't in use and could be sold or repurposed.

Currently, department directors are charged with finding ways to get rid of extra assets, but "it's hard for them to take time away from their responsibilities to try and figure out how much money I should get for this item and how should I sell it," said Treasurer Paul Brown.

The Board of Trustees authorized Brown to establish an Asset Disposal Committee (ADC) made up of township residents and one elected official. The ADC would put together an inventory of the various departments' assets and determine how the items would be sold or repurposed.

Citizens interested in joining can find an application on or contact the treasurer at

"I'm looking for a wide range of folks," said Brown.