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Board gives 2 percent raises to 36 employees

by Trevor Keiser

December 12, 2012

Based on a recommendation from Oxford Community Schools Superintendent Dr. William Skilling, 36 "at-will" school employees will each receive 2 percent pay raises come the first of the year.

"The board of education unanimously and enthusiastically endorsed this raise of 2 percent for our district administration team," said School Board President Collen Schultz. "I feel it's a small token of our appreciation for the exemplary leadership they have provided our district."

The raises are for at-will district office, transportation, and technology department employees, as well as district level administrators and members of the Oxford Administrative Association.

Altogether, the raises will cost the district an additional $45,951 annually. When taxes and retirement are factored in, that total figure increases to $61,119.

Nancy Latowski, deputy supervisor of Human Resources said the pay raises came after the employees took a three-to-four year pay freeze.

"It was time to review those increases and put something in place, basically as cost of living has increased," she said.

Schultz said the pay freeze coupled with other sacrifices that other district employees made "helped ensure that no student programs would be eliminated or cut."

According to Latowski salaries currently range between $38,000 and $126,000, some of which are based upon educational level.

"Our employees do a great job for us and although it is difficult to give the salary increases on a regular basis we do like to be able to acknowledge them and try to acknowledge their hard work with the increase and remain competitive," added Latowski. "Obviously the district is doing a lot of great things, so we're pleased to be able to give them that acknowledgement."

Schultz agreed.

"I think our leadership team, our administrators worked tirelessly in creating a number of educational and co-curricular activities and opportunities for our students and I think the success that Oxford has seen has not been by accident," added Schultz. "The success is a direct result of the vision and the leadership of our administrators, teachers and all our district employees."

School board Trustee Jim Reis did not return call seeking comment and when called by the Oxford Leader. School Board Vice President Caroll Mitchell declined comment.

"We refer everything to (School Board Secretary) Bill Keenist, he is the spokesperson for the board," Mitchell said. "It's just easiest to contact Colleen (Shultz) or Bill. That's where you'll get your comments."