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Letter to the Editor - A story for the season

December 19, 2012

My 8 year old daughter, Renee, had to write a legend for school

She dictated this story to me off the top of her head.

It was so good I thought it should be in the paper!

Merry Christmas!!:)

Lisa Capouellez

One day, thousands of years ago when there only was a million people on Earth, nobody paid attention to Jesus' birthday. They all paid attention to their birthday.

So one day God decided to make someone with big blue eyes and a beard as white as snow and He named him Santa. He told him to give everyone about one toy every year on Jesus' birthday.

So a reindeer named Dasher said "get on my back and with my team I will ride you away."

And then the elves made a million toys before Jesus' birthday and when it was Jesus' birthday he went on the sleigh and delivered a million toys in one whole night. He did that, but no one still paid attention to Jesus' birthday.

So he decided to give everyone coal if didn't pay attention and everyone saw how dirty they were and decided to pay attention to Jesus. And there were a lot more people on Earth that day, but was happy to say that everyone had been good on Christmas day.

Renee Capouellez

Orion resident