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Center location, location, location

December 26, 2012

Maybe you have to really BE a senior to see the problem with the new senior center.

It is not an issue of $5 being too much to pay; it is the issue of WHERE the new center is. I understand why the old location no longer fits the needs of the community but maybe some of the seniors should have been asked about the new location.

The new center is a beautiful building and I enjoy going there but moving it from IN the village where it was convenient for the majority of people has caused the problem. Many seniors have difficulty driving any distance especially on busy roads (Lapeer) and worry about weather issues and the amount of traffic on Joslyn during baseball and soccer season.

Now NOTA is thinking about charging for use and THAT may cause a problem for some folks. There is not an easy answer to this but I hope the powers that be will give the transportation issue some thought for the seniors in the community.

Karen Rusch

Orion Resident