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Letter to the Editor: Allowing guns in schools a bad idea

December 26, 2012

As our State Legislators plow through passing bill after bill allowing little to no input from their constitutes they tried to pass a law that makes no sense at all.

Now I possess my CPL, but taking a gun into a school would never cross my mind as being a good idea.

But our two representatives Brad Jacobsen and Senator Marleau both voted for the bill that allows people with a CPL and as little as eight hours of extra training to carry their concealed firearm into any school.

Thank God our Governor, with the terrible incident in Connecticut, had the decency to veto the bill. That's not going to stop our guys though with sponsors of the bill expressing disappointment and vowing to bring back a bill the Governor will sign.

I just wonder how long it would be before some "cowboy" with all the good intentions in the world accidently shoots some poor kid because he is doing what he thinks is right.

Our legislators can't really be thinking that this is a good idea. If they really thought this is the answer than let's pull the guards and metal detectors away from the courthouses and the State capital buildings and allow guns in where our lawmakers and judges work.

Surely someone with a gun will come to the rescue if one of them is being threatened.

Maybe it's time we start spending less on protection for our lawmakers and more on protecting our kids.

Maybe it's time to put armed police officers in every public school.

I am sure our Legislators will tell us it would be too expensive but it's time they step up and provide the right kind of safety legislation that makes sense instead of giving free rein to inadequately trained gunslingers and hope for the best.

Gerald Podzikowski