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Jim's Jottings
I turned my head, and ... What happened?

by Jim Sherman, Sr.

January 09, 2013

I think this phrase came from a Broadway show Stop The World I Want To Get Off: "I just want it to slow down so I can get a handle on it."

It was hard enough to follow our own three kids become adults, but watching the grandkids grow has been nothing short of turning around and asking myself, "What happened?" Where did the time go?" I mean "little" red-headed Danny and his busy sister Karen jumped out of the nest and in to oblivion so quickly.

The first two grandkids exited Michigan and fell in love with Colorado. Dan, when he's not brewing his own beer, is using his accounting degree for investment fund accounting for Great West Financial in Denver.

Karen is using her interior design education for a Denver office design company. When not at work these days she's teaching 12-year-olds skiing at Beaver creek.

Back here at home, we still have daughter Susan and Tim's trio, Savannah, Trevor and Heley. But, soon they will flee, too.

Too soon for my liking. I don't know if schools have honor rolls these days, but if they do Susan's three are on it.

You Jottings readers notice any pride showing?

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I don't know if Dan has named his beer, but I have a thought that goes back about 55 years.

A sailor from Wisconsin and I became good friends. He went home and eventually bought a liquor store. One day a man (thought to be a customer) came in and asked, "Do you have Baraboo beer?"

My friend said, "Yes, sir, Baraboo Brew, direct from horse to you."

The man was from Baraboo Brewing. He cleaned out Whitewater Liquor Store's supply and they never sold it to them again.

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Here's to a healthier 2013, states the Health supplement in The American Legion magazine. See, I'm not the only lifter from others.

* Lose weight - avoid quickie cures

* Stay in touch - but find positive friends.

* Quit smoking - again

* Save money - walk more and quit the gym.

* Reduce stress - try relaxing.

Yeah, that's so easy. No tv or newspapers, find work you love, find more people to love, start you childhood over and wear blinders and earplugs

One more: Hang out with people who are buying.

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Memorize the following:

A person who doesn't pass gas is called a private tutor.

Don't suffer from insanity. Enjoy it like I do.

Work hard. There are millions on welfare depending on you.

Our electeds in Washington, D.C. have done an outstanding job convincing our fellow Americans the way to go, is super slow.

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Everyone needs a little Garrison Keeler humor in their life:

Men can multi-task. They can read on the toilet.

Since I live on the former radio Lone Ranger's property, I learned where he took his garbage -- To the dump, to the dump, to the dump, dump, dump, dump.

One last thing - A dog walks into a bar and said, "Hey, look at me, a talkin' dog. How about a drink for a talking dog? Sure, the toilet's down the hall, first door on the right."