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Victory on the slopes for Wildcat skiers

by Trevor Keiser

January 23, 2013

After the Oxford/Holly boy's ski team beat Flushing 22 to 59 in their Jan. 16 and Jan 17 matches. The boys continue their win streak of 2-0 on the season.

Oxford's Greg Schultz took first place in the slalom with a run time of 59.47, Lars Joergens-Koka to second 1:00.44, Spencer Christen took third with 1:02.98, Alex Van Boemel took sixth with 1:06.53, Dillon Sink finished eighth with 1:09.13, Aaron Johnston finished ninth with 1:10.20, and Zac Felix did not finish.

In the boys giant slalom Lars Joergens-Koka took first with 44:25, Greg Schultz followed in second with 45:19, Zac Felix took third with 45:30, Aaron Johnston finished fourth with a 45:93 runtime. Alex Van Boemel and Dillon Sink both finished sixth with 47:27 and Spencer Christen finished tenth with 47:59

After losing 26 to 47 against Fenton/Linden last week, the girls came back to tie their record at 1-1 after out skiing Flushing 32 to 45.

Amy Wrobel led the lady wildcats in the slalom by taking third with a runtime of 1:15.56, Montana Taube-Whit took fourth with 1:15.87, Jessie Felix finished fifth with 1:16.26, Alyssa Wysocki took sixth with 1:16.91, Emma Ford took seventh with 1:17.88, Kirsten Zielinski finished ninth with 1:21.32, and Tessa Vreedenburgh finished 13 with a runtime of 1:34.18.

In the giant slalom Alyssa Wysocki took first with 49.68, Emma Ford took third with 50.88, Jessie Felix followed in fourth with 50.97, Abby Wrobel finished sixth with 52.19, Kirsten Zielinski took eighth with 53.08, Montana Taube-Whit took ninth with 53.19 and Tessa Vreedenburgh finished 14 with a runtime of 1:01.64

The ski's team next meet will be on Wed. Jan 23 and Jan 24.