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Letter to the Editor
Constitution needs to adapt to times, reader says

January 30, 2013

Dear Editor,

If you are going to drive a motor vehicle in Michigan and most states, you must qualify the motor vehicle and qualify the driver before the driver can take on the open roads.

To qualify the motor vehicle, there are hundreds of requirements. One must look to emission standards, seat belts and air bags, crash safety standards, miles per gallon, and all kinds of lighting requirements. The list goes on, gets longer and changes every year. Some foreign cars do not meet our safety standard and are not imported for that reason.

Now to the driver, we have age requirements, vision and road tests. We have background checks. We have periodic tests to make sure the driver knows the rules of the road and meets the standards.

I do not know why we cannot apply the same thinking to gun ownership, that is, qualify the gun and gun owner. Gun advocates constantly shout any limitations on gun rights would be a taking away of their constitutional rights.

The Constitution is not frozen in time. I cannot think of a more fluid constitutional provision than the interstate commerce provision. This provision is constantly being updated to stay with the demands of interstate commerce. The dinosaur became extinct because it did not change; change is the only constant. We must change the gun laws to meet the new demands of our 21st century and the demands of our gun technology. The 1930 definition of "car" is very different from the 2013 definition.

Gerald McNally

Independence Township