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Oxford BPA students heading to states again!

by Trevor Keiser

January 30, 2013

Front row (left to right): Hannah Ex, Dora Evelin Roque Resinos, Hadassah Christie, Ashley McCreery, Lauren Ubbing, Taylor LaMagna, Melissa Skelton, and Rachel Moses. Back row (left to right): Vinnie (Glenn) Tenaglia, Rian Jeans, Joe Sheppard, Tyler Scott, Mike Harris, Ryan Myers, Adam Cole, James Todd, and Joe Green. Winners not pictured: Kaitlyn Barber, Jon Doslak, Kyla Kurczewski, Edwin Schlickenmeyer, and Garrison Sedam. Photo by Trevor Keiser.
of America (BPA) three years ago, Oxford High School has sent students to state and national competitions every year.

Now, in the fourth year of the program, students will once again represent Oxford at the state level in Grand Rapids March 21-24.

Of the 25 Oxford students who competed in the BPA Regional Leadership Conference held at Baker College earlier this month, 19 were named state qualifiers and three were named alternates.

OHS Chapter BPA President Lauren Ubbing said the students were up against "tremendous amounts of competition at regionals." She noted that more than 500 students are eligible to compete in Oxford's region.

"In individual events, only the top five regional winners make it to states and in team events, only the top two winners make it to states. What's so awesome about our chapter is that in every single event we competed, we placed," she said. "That's a big accomplishment and all of our teams that competed got first place in their event."

The results were: Advanced Accounting: Rachel Moses, first place and Kyla Kurczewski got second; Banking & Finance: Glenn Tenaglia, first place, Edwin Schlickenmeyer, fifth place and Alternate James Todd, sixth place; Broadcast New Production Team: Joe Sheppard and Ryan Myers, first place; Computerized Accounting: Kyla Kurczewski, first place, Glenn Tenaglia, second place and Rachel Moses, third place; Desktop Publishing: Alternate Joe Green, seventh place; Extemporaneous Speech: Rian Jeans, third place; Financial Analyst Team: Adam Cole, Taylor LaMagna and Ashley McCreery, first place; Fundamental Accounting: Hannah Ex, first place and Dora Roque Resinos, third place; Fundamentals of Web Design: Jon Doslak, third place; Graphic Design Promotion: Hadassah Christie, first place and Alternate Melissa Skeleton, seventh place; Interview Skills: Kaitlyn Barber, first place; Visual Basic Net Programming: Tyler Scott, fifth place; Website Design Team: Jon Doslak, Garrison Sedam, Mike Harris and Lauren Ubbing, first place; Financial Math & Analysis: Michael Harris, first place, Tyler Scott, sixth place, Kaitlyn Barber, seventh place; and Insurance Concepts: James Todd, sixth place.

The BPA advisors are Karen Cartmill, Bruce Holladay, Vlad Lebedintsev, and Maria Wolbert, with a special thank you to Matt Johnson.

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