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Ahoy, me hearty!

by Mary Keck

February 06, 2013

Turtle Toys’ owner Jamie Nye plays a song and offers the pirates clues on where treasure can be found.
Kaitlynn Suida creates a colorful treasure chest.
Jonas Dijanni dressed as a pirate.
TJ Schafer applies some blue paint.
Treasure-hunting pirates came ashore to Turtle Toys in Independence Township for a Pirate Play Day.

After decorating their very own treasure chests with paint, glitter, and stickers, the tiny swashbucklers searched for items to stow away. From duck-shaped gems, shark teeth, and tattoos, there was a treasure for each and every buccaneer.

Once their chests were filled with booty, the pirates settled in for a sing-a-long with Turtle Toys' owner Jamie Nye.