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Student writers to get the scoop on school news

February 06, 2013

Katharine Rottach, Samantha Schultz, and Hannah Kop interview Phil Custodio, Clarkston News editor. Photo by Shae Harbaugh.
Bailey Lake Elementary Student Council is now in the information business. The students launched their own school newsletter, the BLE Paw Print named after their Bulldog mascot.

Hannah Kop is the interviewer, Shae Harbaugh takes pictures, and Jack Gibbs, Katharine Rottach, and Samantha Schultz are co-editors.

They'll use Google Docs to create the newsletter.

"We already have a template," Gibbs said.

"It's really easy to use we can use it at home," Harbaugh said.

"We trust it," Kop said.

Their goal is to publish a newsletter every couple weeks, with items about what students want to know, Gibbs said.

"We just want to share information with the school," Harbaugh said.

"Teachers have a newsletter but it's just about what teachers know about," Schultz said.

"We want one just for kids," said Rottach.

It will be filled with interviews, photos, comics, sports, birthdays, and other information of interest to them and their classmates.

The council also recently opened a school supply store for students. And when they noticed a need for benches for kids to sit on when waiting for buses at the end of the day, they decided to sell necklaces to raise funds to buy them.

"They'll be installed in spring," said Denise Casper, student council advisor. "They have so many good ideas. I'm so impressed they're doing great things."