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Addison Township
Jan. 14, 2013 meeting synopsis

February 20, 2013

Township of Addison

Board Meetings Synopsis

The Addison Township Board; it's members Supervisor Pearson, Clerk Bennett, Treasurer Fisher, Trustee Brakefield, Trustee Boehmer, Trustee Gierak and Trustee Sutphin held a special meeting(rescheduled regular meeting) on January 14, 2013 at the Addison Township Complex, located at 1440 Rochester Rd. Leonard, MI. 48367.

The following action was taken at meeting by the Township Board:

Amended agenda to delete December bills from consent and requested to add Friends of the Library request at a later time during the meeting.

Approved the Consent Agenda: Minutes for the November 19, 2012 Board Meeting as amended, Bills as paid for November including ratification of $95,171.85 to Oxford Cable Communication Commission and Clinton River Watershed Council Dues of $450.

Approved the Resolution authorizing the Interlocal Agreement/County Building Officials Association Damage Assessment.

Approved the Fire Department Fire Module Contract.

Approved the Resolution Authorizing the No Haz Contract for 2013.

Approved the Resolution to opt out of Public Employer Contributions for Medical Benefit Plans.

Approved the Agreement with Ammanuel Yasso for parcels 05.27.403.001 and 05.27.403.002. for $500.

Awarded Bid Proposals for the Three Year Waste Disposal Service Agreement for Township complex and Fire department to Republic.

Introduction of the 2013/14 Budget.

Approved the Resolution for the 2013 Wage Compensation Resolution. after the budget is adopted and contingent upon adequate budget means.

Approved the Date approval for the Budget Hearing, Truth in Taxation and Annual Meeting.

Approved the Fiscal Meeting Dates

Approved Friends of the Library Facility Use request for Zumba.

Please contact the Clerk's office if you have questions. Copies of the draft minutes are available for review or purchase at the Clerk's office, located at the above address.

Pauline Bennett, Addison Township Clerk


Publish: February 20, 2013