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From Lansing:a column by State Rep. Brad Jacobsen
Plan of action for continuing Michiganís recovery

February 20, 2013

Making our economy healthier won't happen overnight, but we've made great progress towards that goal within the last two years.

When I took office in January of 2011, I joined with my House Republican colleagues in laying out an ambitious foundation for our state's revival.

While we've come a long way since then, there is much we still need to do.

Michigan's economy has rebounded and is growing, but I'm aware not everyone has felt the effects of our recovery yet.

There is no such thing as "good enough" when it comes to serving my constituency.

Because of that, I am committed to doing everything I possibly can to continue our success well into the future.

On January 30, House Republicans unveiled our "Action Plan" for the next two years.

This plan serves as a blue-print for achieving our policy goals, while maintaining accountability to our constituents.

A resurgent state economy is essential to making Michigan better than it has ever been.

We believe that our policy goals can make Michigan's recovery a model for the rest of the country.

The Action Plan details ways we can improve our job climate.

These include investing in transportation; developing early childhood education; enhancing vocational education; helping our veterans get back to work, and much more.

My colleagues and I will also continue looking for ways to streamline government, while enacting long-term cost saving reforms.

In the long run, this will reduce the burden of debt that continues to be unfairly strapped to the backs of our children and grandchildren.

This term, I am serving on five House Committees; these include the House Committee on Transportation, Education, Energy, Technology, as well as Judiciary and Government Operations.

These assignments will allow me to gain insight and work on some of the most pressing and pertinent issues facing Michigan's hard-working taxpayers.

Our state's roads and bridges are crumbling before our eyes.

We need to look at every possible solution to improve our state's infrastructure and keep Michigan families safe.

I believe that includes ways way can reduce the cost of bureaucracy and use more of the money we already have directly on fixing roads.

Our children deserve the best education possible and I'm looking forward to working with my colleagues on the Education Committee to make this happen.

Educating the next generation is a responsibility I take great pride in, as we are only as successful as we want to be.

Our children should have every opportunity possible to reach for the stars and achieve greatness. There will be many things to discuss in the Energy and Technology Committee as well this term. Energy legislation was revisited and rewritten in 2008.

However, we need to reevaluate these policies to see if they are helping or hindering the livelihoods of Michigan families.

We also need to review energy choice to get a clearer picture of the market and see if there is a way to help lower rates for our hard-working taxpayers.

I look forward to addressing these and other tough issues in the coming term. Any decision made will be to improve the quality of life for Michigan families now and well into the future.

We all have a responsibility to make Michigan the pinnacle of successful public policy and make other states want to emulate our success.

I encourage anyone with an idea or concern that could help our state's recovery to contact my office.

There is much more that can be done for the hard-working taxpayers of this state and those efforts have now continued.

I'm confident that our best days are ahead of us and I'm confident in my ability to tackle these new challenges.

Jacobsen is the state representative for the 46th District. He can be reached toll free at 855-REP-BRAD or