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Duck Sense

by David Fleet

February 27, 2013

On Tuesday, Richard Paul visited Reid Elementary School to present his research-based Duck Sense Bully Prevention program.

The educational school assembly program helps promote respect, responsibility and safe schools. The topics include bully prevention, diversity awareness, self-confidence, conflict resolution, teen anger management skills, bystander involvement and the long-term effects of cyber bullying.

"The Richard Paul anti-bullying assembly was an excellent program to reinforce our belief at Reid Elementary. Whenever we have the opportunity to bring more light onto behavior that represents kindness, tolerance, and acceptance of others, we will," said Beth Zito, Reid principal.

"In a K-2 setting, children need positive and appropriate role modeling as well as tools to help them demonstrate safety, respect, and responsibility with themselves and others. Richard Paul reiterated our motto: 'I am a Reid Bee. I am safe, responsible, and respectful. I love and learn every day.' "