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Shelly Says
Take time to think when making decisions

March 06, 2013

Knowing when to and when not to is key in so many aspects of our lives.

This quote was handed down to me from my dad he would say, "Shelly you have to know when to and when not to!"

At the time I was a teenager messing up little tasks given to me from him, I would get all emotional and frustrated with either myself, others or HIM! I remember thinking, "yea, yea, whatever that means!"

It's funny how as we get older we seem to understand those little lessons our parents were trying to teach us but at the time were over our heads!

Have you ever had a time in your life where you needed to make a decision that made you have to weight out the "pros & the cons"?

Or had your feelings hurt by a friend? Or felt like taking a stand in something you believe in?

Sometimes we just act on it based on emotion only to find out that we've made the wrong choice or made a fool out of ourselves.

Or maybe we don't realize it was a bad choice right away but down the road it shows up that you did in fact not choose wisely.

I believe when something works to share it with others, I'll share with you my dad's quote, "know when to and when not to"… that may mean you will have to slow down and think about it.

Be silent and listen to what your heart is saying about it. When doing this I developed my own strategy it's called the "24-hour rule" which means, NO DECISION MAKING or emotional reaction for 24 hours.

This gives time to weigh out the pros and cons this also gives you time to quiet your mind, to listen to your heart. It can also stop you from saying something you will regret.

Have you ever heard your parents say to you when you were little and upset by something, maybe a fight with your best friend, and they say something like, "oh honey, things will look different tomorrow."

Well, here it comes back at us again… and how many times are we hearing our parents come out in our voices to our kids!? That's another article!

They were right, things do look different after 24 hours and you've had time to think, listen, weigh things out so you can come to a better outcome.

Today I challenge you to see where if you just "know when to and when not to," how it will calm your world and organize your thoughts and maybe even save your reputation!

Until next time.

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