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Letter to the Editor
Sixth grader calls for less coffee for kids

March 13, 2013

Dear Editor,

I am in sixth grade in middle school. Some people in my school talk about drinking coffee and energy drinks. I think kids our age should not drink things like that. It will only cause problems for everyone.

After some research, I found out there can be many problems for kids who drink coffee. The caffeine in coffee can cause problems in getting enough sleep at night. Then they end up feeling tired and not doing well in school the next day. Sometimes they even fall asleep during class. This causes distractions for other students, and makes it harder for the class to complete all of our lessons.

There are other side effects from drinking coffee. The website had a very informative article about it. They said caffeine consumption can cause high blood pressure, heart burn, stomach problems and headaches.

Also kids tend to like coffee with sweeteners. That means they are adding things like sugar and whipped cream. Those things can cause problems in addition to the ones caffeine causes, such as obesity and diabetes. If kids become hyperactive, they cause problems for other students. They make it hard for the rest of us to stay focused on our work.

Finally, every parent knows how kids can be. If you let them have a sip of coffee, the next thing you know they'll be negotiating coffee breaks every 15 minutes each time they do their chores! They will just drink more and more and spiral out of control.

In all, I think it is a bad thing for kids younger than 13 to start drinking coffee. That is also true about other energy drinks. They might think it makes them look cool, but there are too many problems to be worth the trouble that it can cause for them and for other people.

My solution is for parents and schools to keep drinks with caffeine away from students and off of school grounds. Student council could make posters showing the bad effects of these drinks, and maybe if some kids started to understand, then it could become the popular choice and everybody wins.

Thank you.

Aiden Miller

Sixth grader at

Sashabaw Middle School