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Letter to Editor: Lone Ranger name change finds supporters

April 03, 2013

Wow I think changing the Celebrate Oxford Days to the Lone Ranger Days would be cool. It is unique an appeal that the current name just doesn't have.

When I first moved here it was the Gravel Festival exciting because I was a city girl gone rural. I never even saw a gravel truck before moving to MI and here I was standing in the Gravel Capital of the world!

With the downsizing of the gravel industry the summer event became Pioneer Days. I never quite connected the association with that name and since it didn't last long I guess I wasn't the only one.

But the Lone Ranger association now that is a classic. Many times I walked from the school down to the pasture on Drahner Rd just to watch Silver standing there in all his glory. He was beautiful and magnificent - I felt like I was reliving a part of history.

If Oxford wants to be unique and make people remember find a way to go with Lone Ranger Days. That name and what it stands for is so much more appealing than the cookie cutter Celebrate Oxford theme.

I think Mr. Charles' idea is great and I agree with C.J. Carnacchio except it should be a permanent name change not temporary.

If you didn't live in the area Celebrate Oxford means diddly doodle but the Lone Ranger that gives fathers and grandfathers time to tell their grandchildren exactly who he was and what he was about.

Think about the excitement to win a silver bullet at an event or heading to the stores where a purchase might land you one or a silver bullet for the best Tonto look-alike. It would be like catching a ball at the stadium.

For those in charge please consider going with Lone Ranger Days permanently In this day and age we could use a hero!

Sue Bellairs


I just read the article and C.J. Carnacchio's commentary on changing the name of the annual Celebrate Oxford summer festival to Lone Ranger Days. All I have to say is HI-YO SILVER! Lets all get in the wagon and hook up to the publicity horse. Because this will be a great draw to our community.

Ron Renaud