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Addison needs paid-on-call firefighters, EMTs

by Trevor Keiser

April 17, 2013

Are you at least 18 years old and want to make a little extra cash on the side while doing something meaningful?

Then apply today to join the Addison Township Fire Department Team.

"We need some paid-on-call firefighters/EMTs to . . . be part of a good fire department and a member of something they can be proud of," said Addison Fire Chief Jerry Morawski. "That's what we're looking for someone who really wants to put in the initiative and get something out of it."

"We just need people to be available when they can and make about 30 percent of the calls we have per month," he noted.

Classes and training in the areas of firefighting and emergency medicine are paid for by the fire department, according to Morawski.

"Fire school now at Oakland Community College . . . is about $3,800 and an EMT license is about $1,200 to $1,400," he said.

Hourly pay starts out at $9.18 during the probation period. Once someone is fully trained and licensed, wages increase to $16.54 an hour and a 50 cent raise is given for every five years of continuous service.

"We do pay a minimum of one hour, so if the call only lasts 20 minutes, you will get paid one hour," added Morawski.

Morawski said the agency is getting a "little short" on paid-on-call personnel.

"We're at 24 right now and I'd like to see my numbers closer to 30, if not 30," he added. "Knowing that we only have 7,000 residents or so in our town, we want to draw from as many as we can to be a part of the community."

For more information, call the Addison Twp. Fire Dept. at (248) 628-5600, or visit Or stop by the station at 4026 Forest St.

"If you're looking for something to do this is a good place to come out and give back to your community," Morawski said.