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Wendi’s Word A column by Wendi Reardon

April 24, 2013

After a weekend away, I came home on Sunday, threw open the closet doors and began pulling down clothes hangers.

I was declaring my freedom.

I wanted to start spring cleaning when I had more time. I also was waiting until I was done when I reached my goal weight on my nutrition plan with Nuview Nutrition.

I couldn't wait anymore. I didn't want to procrastinate anymore. I didn't want clothes taking up anymore space in the tiny space I already had so much crammed into. Plus, something inside me said it was time. I could do this. I could let go.

I grabbed as much as I could, knowing the sizes and threw the swirl of pants and shirts to the side.

I looked at the stack of clothes. I had gone from not being about to fit them because they were too snug on me. I just put them aside for when a few pounds were gone. Then, I went to the other extreme within a year's time - I still couldn't wear them. They were too big now.

I tried on a few shirts just to see but it only took two to decide to just throw them in the donation pile. I was swimming in those two and would swim in the rest.

I ended up putting the entire pile into the bag and glanced at the dresser. Time for that, too. But I only went through two drawers.

The dreary gray sweatpants I wore in front of the television and snacked on pizza, chips, chocolate a year ago went into the trashbag. They did go in with some hesitation but they are in the bag.

What probably helped with the cleansing was I reached my 90 pounds during the weekend. Though I will say I did gain a few pounds back. I was scrapbooking and I had more apples than allowed on my plan. Plus, a larger portion of cottage cheese. But compared to what snack foods were at the scrapbook crop - I did pretty good. So I overdosed on apples, it wasn't chips or brownies. Plus, I got right back on the wagon.

I did keep one pair of blue jeans. You should also have something to show your starting point, right?

I have more drawers to go through and I know there are more clothes in the back depths of the closet. They are lurking and waiting like ghosts of pounds past. But one bag at a time is good to donate.