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Kroger rewards who gets your free money?

May 08, 2013

By Karen Head

If you do have a child in Clarkston Schools, you have been inundated with requests for you to sign-up your Kroger Community Rewards for your local school. But why Kroger Community Rewards?

Kroger is giving up to $2,000,000 to non-profit organizations this year. If you use your Kroger Rewards card, or alternate 10-digit phone number, to get the sale price on groceries and earn fuel points on gas already, all you have to do is register your charity of choice.

Every time you shop for groceries and swipe your card or use your phone number, your chosen charity will automatically start earning 1% of everything you spend.

It does not affect your Kroger Gas Rewards or your Upromise points.

So why not give your free money to your community. I did a quick search on Kroger to find out the different charities in Clarkston to give your Community Rewards to and there are about 17.

If you don't want to give your Community Rewards to your public school, please consider giving it to one of these listed below.

Clarkston Cooperative Preschool, 82320; Clarkston Area Mothers And More 305, 82427; Clarkston Varsity Hockey, 82670; Clarkston Select Soccer Club, 82694; Clarkston Junior High School P.T.A., 82695; Clarkston United Methodist Church, 83350; Clarkston Elementary PTO, 83360; Clarkston Junior High Choirs, 83376; Clarkston Village Players, 84306; Clarkston High School PTSA, 84465; Sashabaw Middle School PTA, 90019; Clarkston Foundation For Public Education, 90290; Church Of The Resurrection-Clarkston, 90636; Clarkston Community Historical, 90960; Boy Scout Troop 185, 91052; Venture Crew 2185, 91053; Sarah's Secret Closet, 90994; and Yellow Ribbon Fund, 83269.

To be fair and honest, I'm Clarkston High School's PTSA president for the 2013-2014 school year. To help put this into perspective, Clarkston High School PTSA had 80 Kroger Reward Members signed up for the 2012-2013 school year and we raised over $5,000 to support our school, teachers and students.

This was the majority of our PTSA income. But there is currently 1,837 students attending CHS and this means less than 5% of our student body has signed up.

Of course being the president of the CHS PTSA, I would love to see you choose them. But my other favorites are Sarah's Secret Closet which is a charity started last year by then ninth grader Sarah Head who single-handedly collects new and used clothing and new personal hygiene products for underprivileged Clarkston students and all the money raised goes directly to buying needed items and starting more Sarah's Secret Closets in our schools.

She now has a Closet at CHS, CJHS, SMS and PKE. She started this as her Girl Scout Gold Project and she's hoping to make this district-wide by graduation in 2015.

Another of my favorites is Boy Scout Troop 185 out of the Oakland County Sportsmen's Club.

Half of the money raised from the Kroger Campaign goes directly to the troop to help with equipment costs and the other half goes directly into the Scout's account and helps pay for summer camps and activities throughout the year.

Venturing Crew 2185 is also out of OCSC and is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts which is co-ed for guys and girls ages 14-21. They plan extreme summer activities and their Kroger Campaign helps fund their adventures.

The last charity listed above is for the Yellow Ribbon Fund. They are a national 501(c )(3) started in 2005 by private citizens to provide support for injured service personnel returning home from military hospitals with traumatic wounds sustained in the field of battle.

The YRF meets a tremendous range of critical and specific needs that fall outside the mandate of the government's programs and helps provide transportation, recreation, entertainment and mentoring for the returning soldiers.

So please go to and sign-up today. It will take less than five minutes to complete the online registration and you will donate to your chosen charity for one year. Unfortunately, Kroger makes you re-affirm your Kroger Community Rewards every April so even if you've signed up before, you need to do it again every April 1.

It's just one more hurdle they make you jump in order to get the free money. Once you're signed up, it will appear on the bottom of your receipt as "Your Community Rewards are being given to ...".

Please, please, please give your free money to someone! You can help out more than you know!