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‘Wrong’ to print letter about baseball coach

May 08, 2013

In regards to the letter published on April 17, 2013 ("Parent critical of baseball coach's behavior."), I am very disappointed that the Oxford Leader would publish such a letter in which names were used.

I thought a letter to the editor was defined as an "opinion" (and) slander is defined as "harming another's reputation."

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and we all have one, but this letter you published was slander.

Parents can write how they feel when they are upset, but some things should not be published.

We have subscribed to the Oxford Leader for probably 25 years, but certainly never thought they would be so disrespectful to members of the community.

When words are taken "out of context" upset parents can define them in many different ways.

Parents are the biggest problem when trying to coach a team.

What kind of paper publishes things like this? Very unprofessional to say the least. Not sure you know right from wrong.

Pat Willis


Editor's Note: Letters to the Editor is a forum for community members to speak their mind on a wide variety of subjects.

We felt Stefanie Deeg had some legitimate concerns and complaints regarding varsity baseball coach Jeff Willis, his behavior and his treatment of players. Over the last few years, we've heard these same concerns and complaints expressed by other parents, but Mrs. Deeg was the first and only one to write a letter to this newspaper and sign her name to it, so we printed it.

As for the issue of slander, there was no slander because slander is something that's spoken. Libel is something that is written.

There was nothing libelous in Mrs. Deeg's letter. She was simply stating her opinion of the coach based on her observations.

We try to help parents whenever and however we can, especially when it comes to giving them a voice. Parents are the biggest asset in children's lives.