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Letter to the Editor
Reader concerned with goose relocation

May 22, 2013

Dear Editor,

Driving home late April from a trip south, I was delighted to see a traditional and much anticipated sign of spring. I was elated to see,the "Cranberry Goose" had once again come with her mate to make her nest and lay her eggs on the muskrat mound on Cranberry Lake as she and her mate had attempted to do for over 10 years or so.

The next 10 days or so she was as faithful as "Horton Hatches the Egg," sitting,thru snow, hail, and freezing temps with her mate for life taking over at times. But soon there was a noticeable emptiness of nest eggs and goose.

I was told a "goose relocation truck" had shown up. How humane was the relocation? And what about the life long mate?

Ask the people along Cranberry Lake Road who without thought evict wildlife that came for years before their home was built,who have major lawn companies spray along the lake shore, possibly ignoring what is allowed to be sprayed so close to lakes.

Sure, geese are messy and pollute the lawns, but are these residents also violating DNR rules and polluting the lake, which is getting over growth from the fertilizers and weed killers?

You moved to be by nature so why are you destroying it and the wildlife we keep pushing out? So sad, how we selfishly instigate our will against nature and/or the environment.


Independence Township