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Oxford Village
Synopsis of May 14, 2013 meeting

May 22, 2013

village of oxford

synopsis of regular council meeting MAY 14, 2013

Call to Order

1. Pledge of Allegiance- moment of silence for troops

2. Roll Call- Bailey, Nichols, Albensi, Nichols, Helmuth

3. Approval of Minutes- of April 23 as amended and special meeting of April 30 as presented. Motion carried.

4. Approve the agenda – Motion carried.

5. Presentation/Public Hearing: Oakland County Parks & Recreation MDNR pre-grant application

6. Call to Public – for non-agenda items.

7. Consent Agenda: Motion carried.

A. Correspondence: Letter, Reports and Minutes – Motion carried to receive and file.

B. Board, Commission & Committee Updates:

8. Approved Bills - bill run dated 5.12.13 for $53,928.82. Motion carried.

9. Unfinished/Old Business

A. Outdoor Café' – Lili's Diner-Motion carried.

10. New Business:

A. Rental Proposal –98 Glaspie-Motion carried to set aside

B. Temporary Outdoor Service Permit- Oxford Tap for DDA May Event-Motion Carried

C. One Stop Ready Participation Resolution-Motion carried

D. Special Assessment of delinquent accounts-Motion carried

E. Request to acquire multi-purpose printing/copying equipment-Motion carried

F. Proposed Budget –continue discussion-motion carried.

11. Public Comment

12. Manager's Report

13. Clerk's Report

14. Council Comments

15. Adjournment at 10:06pm - Motion carried.