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Riders become champs

June 05, 2013

From left, Callie Keller with Ryder, Kenzie Nadeau with Doogie, Rileigh Landis with Libby, and Renee Ledbetter with Jada. Photo by Wendi Reardon
The Clarkston Junior Equestrian team finished as District 2, Division C champions.

They were competitive at their meet in Armada as they rode against Oxford, Brandon and Rochester, May 19-20.

They took first place in many events as well as placed high.

First places were eighth grader Callie Keller in the huntseat bareback on day one; seventh grader Rileigh Landis in huntseat bareback on day two; sixth grader Renee Ledbetter in the two man relay on both days; eighth grader Kenzie Nadeau in cloverleaf, stakes races and two-man relays for both days.

"All four riders challenged themselves, rode their best, and had a great weekend riding as a Clarkston's Junior Equestrian team," said Coach Jill Leek.