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Custodial contract for schools OKed with $116K-per-year increase

by Trevor Keiser

June 05, 2013

Oxford Community Schools is looking to renew their contract with the Holland, Michigan-based Enviro-Clean for custodial services.

The two-year extended contract would come with a price tag of $1,027,000 per year, which is $116,195 more per year than when Enviro-Clean was hired by the district in 2010 for $910,805 per year for a three year contract.

"It's the same level of service," said Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources Nancy Latowski. "The only changes are that the employees will be paid $10.00 per hour from $9.50 in order to provide consistency of service, avoid turnover of staff and meet market value."

When OCS hired Enviro-Clean three years ago it was said they would save the district $814,635 in the first year and a projected $5.036 million over five years. Latowski said they have seen an annual savings which has "helped maintain and grow student programs."

"We are very satisfied with Enviro-Clean," she added. "They have been responsive to our needs, have worked to improve turn-over with employees and have a good manager overseeing the operation."