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Sweet endings for Tigers

June 12, 2013

Caleb Parker enjoys a sip from his Faygo Orange Creamsicle.
Pine Knob Elementary third graders weighed their decision carefully - a Creamsicle or a Root Beer float during their Made in Michigan barbecue, June 4.

No matter the choice made they enjoyed the ice cream treat made with Faygo pop.

The barbeque was ending the Michigan Economic Unit where they learned how Michigan specializes in certain products, about productions, goods and services, and the economic cycle.

"They are more intuned with what a Michigan product is," said teacher Danielle Compton. "When they are shopping with their parents they can pick it out and say 'mom, if we buy that it helps Michigan. It helps with jobs and the economy.'"

The students, teachers and volunteers enjoyed Koegel's hot dogs, Faygo pop, Michigan apples, Rice Krispy treats and Fruit Loops made by Kellogg's, and Better Made potato chips.

"We used all foods made in Michigan and foods made by Michigan companies," Compton added.

~Staff Writer Wendi Reardon