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Stranger saves Clarkston businessman

by Andrea Beaudoin

June 19, 2013

Peter Berishaj is known for making unique and tasty summer salads.
Pete Berishaj, owner of Old Village Cafe in downtown Clarkston, is lucky to be alive after being struck by a car, June 8, on Walton Blvd., in Waterford.

His wife, Ann, credits a good samaritan for stopping to help Pete after he pulled over to fix the trailer on the back of his truck.

"He thought the wave runners were loose, so he pulled over to fix them and turned his hazards on," she said. "Another man pulled over and got out to help him."

The good samaritan suddenly told Pete to get out of the way because he saw a car coming straight towards them.

Both the man and Pete dove out of the way, but Pete's leg remained in the path of the oncoming vehicle.

"Doctors said the man probably saved his life by telling him to get out of the way," said Ann. "If it was not for the pedestrian who stopped to help him, he would have been dead."

Pete's thigh bone is broken in half and calf bones are shattered. He spent five days in intensive care, receiving several surgeries and a blood transfusion.

Ann said Pete's recovery will take six months to a year, and he will have to have more surgeries and physical therapy. Doctors said the good news is that Pete will walk again in about six months. He is expected to be released from the hospital in about two weeks.

"Pete is in good spirits and is thankful to be alive," Ann said. "It could have been a lot worse."

Police said the driver was issued two citations one for following too closely and another for failing to stop within assured clear distance. The good samaritan drove off without giving his name.